Register for the Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) Training Programme – starting 1st March 2023

We are pleased to open registration to the Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) Training Programme starting on 1st March 2023. The programme is relevant for any individual or organisation motivated to learn more about how PCVBHC can help tackle some of the biggest challenges in health and care delivery today. Whether you are working in academia, government, a health care organisation, a patient advocacy organisation or industry, the programme provides a fantastic opportunity to develop strategies you can implement at your organisation once the programme is complete. 

The PCVBHC Training Programme will be delivered online by a world-leading faculty over three months. The format includes weekly activities, including pre-recorded lectures for participants to view in their own time, case study discussions, and faculty-guided work taking place on fixed dates and times (shared in advance). A key output of the training programme is that participants will create a PCVBHC project plan to take back to their organisation and implement it once the training programme is complete. 

The training programme provides a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the realities of implementing PCVBHC, as well as being a safe space to develop ideas, share knowledge and problem-solve with other organisations. Implementing PCVBHC will not happen overnight, but we hope that the knowledge and skills gained through this training programme will support individuals and organisations with the gradual process of bringing together Value-Based Health Care, Person-Centred Health Care and Health Equity. 

For more information about the training programme’s learning objectives, curriculum, faculty and to register, please visit:

You can download and view our PCVBHC Training Programme brochure here.

For any questions, please contact Dr Andrea Srur, Associate Director, Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (

About the Global Centre for PCVBHC 

Our vision is that people are able to enjoy the outcomes that matter to them at that particular point in their lives. Health care systems discuss personal preferences, understand personal goals and link these to the data we capture, while simultaneously ensuring equity and the greatest quantum of health gain for the whole population. Health care systems are able to compare these metrics and the resources consumed within and between countries, to drive learning and value improvement. The Global Centre for PCVBHC has three areas of focus: research, education and implementation of PCVBHC. For more information please visit:  

Andrea Srur

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