Register for the next PCVBHC Online Training Programme – starting on 2nd October 2023 

“Having dedicated time to think about and plan for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care.”

“Case studies were a great opportunity to learn from frontline experiences and have a discussion.”

Meeting others who are doing similar work is fantastic.” 

“The case studies and the associated pre-recorded lectures were excellent resources to bring the concepts to the real world and then translate the experience into each participant’s different environments”.

These are some examples of the feedback we received after finalising the cycles of our Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) Online Training Programme. Since 2022, 40 individuals, including clinicians, senior government, health systems and pharma industry leaders have successfully graduated from our Programme. They learned valuable knowledge and skills which they have used to develop 20 PCVBHC implementation project plans to apply in their respective organisations.

Register your place on the next PCVBHC Online Training Programme

The next PCVBHC Online Training Programme begins on Monday 2nd October and runs until Monday 18th December 2023.

What is the PCVBHC Training Programme?

  • A 12-week online programme, delivering the theoretical and practical knowledge to implement PCVBHC and develop an action plan to take back to your organisation and implement it once the Programme is complete.  
  • A mix of video lectures, interactive case studies, and group work. 
  • Delivered by a faculty of global experts from institutions such as NHS England and Wales, University of Melbourne, Leiden University Medical Centre, Ghent University, Department of Health, Victoria, and Amgen.
  • £1,500 per person; £800 for concessions.

Who is the PCVBHC Training Programme for?

The Programme is relevant for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of PCVBHC principles and approaches, to develop a plan to help tackle some of the biggest challenges in health and care delivery today. The PCVBHC Training Programme also provides a safe space to develop and exchange ideas, share knowledge and problem-solve with colleagues and peers.

Whether you are working in academia, government, a health organisation, a health care system, a patient advocacy organisation or the life sciences, the Programme provides a fantastic opportunity to develop strategies you can implement at your organisation.

Implementing PCVBHC will not happen overnight, however, we hope that the knowledge and skills gained through this Programme will support individuals and organisations with the gradual process of bringing together and elevating Value-Based Health Care, Person-Centred Care and Health Equity.

What is the time commitment? 
Approximately 2 hours per week to watch pre-recorded lecture videos in your own time and to participate in group discussions and/or activities on fixed dates. See the dates for the fixed group discussions and activities. 

Dr Andrea Srur, Associate Director, Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care, Sprink

About the Global Centre for PCVBHC  

Our vision is that people can enjoy the outcomes that matter to them at that particular point in their lives. Health care systems discuss personal preferences, understand personal goals and link these to the data we capture, while simultaneously ensuring equity and the greatest quantum of health gain for the whole population. Health care systems can compare these metrics and the resources consumed within and between countries, to drive learning and value improvement. The Global Centre for PCVBHC has three areas of focus: research, education and implementation of PCVBHC. For more information please visit:   

Andrea Srur

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