Our vision

People are able to enjoy the outcomes that matter to them at that particular point in their lives. Health care systems discuss personal preferences, understand personal goals and link these to the data we capture, while simultaneously ensuring equity and the greatest quantum of health gain for the whole population. Health care systems are able to compare these metrics and the resources consumed within and between countries, to drive learning and value improvement.

Our goals

Support Implementation of the principles that underpin PCVBHC.

Build the Community of systems and organisations working to implement PCVBHC.

Perform further research to evolve the concept of PCVBHC.

Collaborate with other global efforts in the areas of Person-Centred Health Care, Value-Based Health Care and Population Equity.

Provide training to practically implement PCVBHC.

Advisory Board

Engagement Options

We have developed a range of engagement options, which focus on working together to achieve the vision of Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care

Supporting Partners


Bespoke Services

Please click here to view the detailed governance framework that underpins Sprink and the Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care.

Research & Development

We are developing focused implementation and research programmes to further our understanding of how to implement and practice PCVBHC.


We are developing education programmes to support sharing the knowledge and skills that underpin PCVBHC

Publications and Events

We have a range of publications and events that aim to advance our knowledge, skills and collaboration around PCVBHC.