Education for Person-­Centred
Value-Based Health Care

The pandemic has exacerbated problems our health care systems have faced for decades: rising costs, rising demand, staff burnout, and significant variation in quality and patient experience. As individuals, as leaders and as members of organisations working in health care, how do we respond to these challenges so that we ensure our health care systems deliver high quality, sustainable health care into the future?


The first Programme will begin on the 1st November 2022. The specific structure of the Education Programme will be announced in 2022.


We believe part of the answer relies on bringing together three well established concepts that frequently work in parallel rather than working together. These are: Value-Based Health Care, Person-Centred Health Care and Healthy Equity. We have termed this concept Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care.


PCVBHC is not new. All of the concepts promoted by PCVBHC are used today. However, they do not typically work together and they are not systematically applied across health care systems. By bringing these concepts together, we think this will help address the challenges we face.


This dynamic, innovative and ambitious training programme is delivered virtually, running over a three-month period. It brings together a world leading faculty combining pre-recorded lectures, live case study discussions, and group work to develop a Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care project for your organisation.