Research & Development
for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care

We are developing focused implementation and research programmes to further our understanding of how to implement and practice PCVBHC


We are developing a Global Implementation Programme for PCVBHC. We are aiming to launch the Implementation Programme in April 2022.


  • While we believe that PCVBHC brings together important paradigms in health care and ultimately moves us forward in terms of how we design and deliver our health care systems, there remain many outstanding questions.
  • Our research focuses on forming international, multi-stakeholder collaborations to answer the pressing questions related to Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care.
  • We follow a robust methodology to ensure no specific bias from individual organisations or individual stakeholder groups, as shown below.
  • Supporting Partners and Members have the opportunity to provide input into each of the research projects being performed. The input is then considered by the multi-stakeholder research teams, with no obligation to use the input.
  • We aim to announce our prioritised research areas for the next two years in March 2022.

Research Methodology

High Level Governance Principles

  • A detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) is issued for all research projects.
  • All members of each Community of Experts (CoE) and of each Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) must sign the ToR.
  • Our research develops concepts and where relevant, highlights case studies, but no specific commercial products/processes/systems are mentioned or endorsed.
  • Research projects are managed by a Project Lead and supported by a Research Fellow. Each CoE is chaired by a senior leader in the relevant field.

Decision Making

  • CoE Chairs have the final decision on the content to be presented (whether via email, video connection or in-person) to the CoE.
  • Each CoE has the final decision* on the structure and content of the Policy Report.
  • Each CoE has the final decision* on the final content of the Policy Report.
  • Each CoE has the final decision* on the Manuscript content.

* CoE decision making is via super majority voting (defined as greater than or equal to 75% of the votes).

Interaction with Industry

  • Representatives are invited to join CoEs from relevant trade associations (e.g. EFPIA).
  • Specific companies are able to give input via the IAP. IAP input is then fed into the CoE meetings and it is for the CoE to determine if they wish to use the input.
  • The IAP is chaired by a member of staff from a trade association or a regulatory authority who is then part of the CoE.
  • The IAP is managed by a separate IAP Project Manager who does not attend the CoE meetings and has no input into the development or writing of the report or manuscript.
  • The CoE Chairs, Project Lead and Research Fellow have no content exchanges (verbally, written, electronically or otherwise) with IAP members.