Introducing the Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) training programme

We are excited to launch the Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) online training programme in November 2022. 

The programme will run online every three months via the Sprink website. It builds on our 2021 report by (i) introducing the concept of PCVBHC and how it can be applied in practice, (ii) introducing the key principles and approaches that underpin PCVBHC and (iii) developing the skills to implement PCVBHC.  Over the duration of a month, learners will get access to pre-recorded lectures, participate in live case study discussions and group work to develop a PCVBHC implementation project plan for participating organisations and individuals. 

Our PCVBHC global centre partners – Amgen, EFPIA, Department of Health, Victoria, Dental Health Services, Victoria, Leiden University Medical Center, NHS Wales, Novartis and University of Melbourne – will participate in our first cycle of the programme.

The second PCVBHC training programme will start in March 2023 and registration will open in late November 2022. This innovative training programme is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has an active role in responding to health care challenges and would like to further their knowledge on the successful and systematic implementation of PCVBHC across health care systems. 

For more information about the curriculum, structure, faculty and registration options, please visit: or contact Andrea Srur, Associate Director, Global Centre for PCVBHC:  

You can also download the 2021 Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care Report here:     

Andrea Srur

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