Coming together: highlights from the first hybrid Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) Event

On the 13 and 14 June 2023, the first PCVBHC Meeting brought together, in Cardiff, Wales and online, leaders from over ten countries – including representatives from patient advocacy groups, governments, health care systems, industry and academia – to explore our progress in bringing together Person-Centred Health Care, Value-Based Health Care and Health Equity.

The event featured a broad range of talks and activities, from keynote speakers to group discussions, to stimulate the exchange of ideas.

With all-time high pressures on health care systems globally, it is more than ever essential to ensure that resources are allocated equitably and that we seek to achieve the outcomes that truly matter to individuals at a specific point in time. PCVBHC provides an approach and framework to bring together the benefits of personalisation and standardisation. Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), clinical outcomes, administrative data – all of these are important, but we need to take the next step. To truly understand value, we have to focus on individual goals and preferences and align these to the standardised data we are capturing, thus making the standardised data responsive to individual priorities.

During the PCVBHC Event, we explored practically how to do this and how to ensure this supports decision-making at all levels, from clinical practice, health care service delivery, medicines and technology development and policy formation.

The panel sessions featured numerous success stories and learning from our community about how PCVBHC can be brought into organisational strategy and achieve value quickly.

Reflecting on the event, Dr Thomas Kelley, CEO of Sprink said “if we are to truly determine ‘value’ we have to personalise measurement. This means bringing together personalisation and standardisation – linking the goals and preferences of individuals to the standardised outcome, process and structure data our health care systems are capturing. This is the focus of our work at Sprink – helping to make this a reality.”

With all these learnings, we look forward to the next steps in working with organisations across our health care systems to realise the vision of PCVBHC.

Sprink’s PCVBHC team focuses on six areas:

  1. Research and Development: developing novel approaches to enable PCVBHC to work simply and effectively in practice.
  2. Convening: we support bringing together diverse stakeholders from across our health care systems, working to implement and innovate around PCVBHC.
  3. Education: we develop and deliver training in PCVBHC.
  4. Waiting List Management: we work with health care systems to apply the principles of PCVBHC, to ensure demand better reflects patient priorities.
  5. Health care system-industry partnerships: we broker and facilitate PCVBHC partnerships between health care systems, industry and payers.
  6. Technology: we have developed technology that enables goals and preferences to be recorded, measured, aggregated, benchmarked and linked to standardised data through artificial intelligence.

Find out more about PCVBHC in the PCVBHC report, which sets out the PCVBHC vision, framework, and implementation recommendations.  If you are interested in any of our areas of focus, please contact Dr Thomas Kelley, CEO of Sprink (  

Léa Marais

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