Sprink: Our focus areas

Sprink has the vision that all people are able to enjoy the health and care outcomes that matter to them sustainably. 

This focus is more important than ever.  It will support the continued evolution of our health care systems in light of the unsustainable rising demand and rising costs and challenging public and personal finances. 

Sprink has three areas of activity to support our vision, all of which focus on working in collaboration with health care system stakeholders around the world. 

Our three areas of activity

1. Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) which aims to develop a global community, implementing and evolving the PCVBHC framework. PCVBHC looks at how we bring together Person-Centred Health Care, Value-Based Health Care and Health Equity, linking personal goals and preferences to standardised measurement.  This will ensure that our measurement systems and subsequent decisions really do reflect what actually matters to individuals.  Our primary areas of activity within the Global Centre for PCVBHC are:

  • Research: through multi-stakeholder collaboration, looking at how we further evolve our approach to PCVBHC. 
  • Education: education programmes that focus on the practical application of the principles underpinning PCVBHC.
  • Implementation: developing international communities of practice that focus on the practical implementation of PCVBHC.
  • Networking: organising virtual and in-person events that bring together people and organisations interested in the concepts that underpin PCVBHC.

2. Global Centre for Healthy Food Environments, which focuses on the development and implementation of Healthy Food Environments within health care systems. We believe this is vital for staff health and well-being and for wider population health, given the public health role that health care institutions play. Our primary areas of activity are the same as for PCVBHC – research, education, implementation and networking. 

3. Bespoke services:  Sprink partners with stakeholders across our health care systems to provide discrete services, in the areas of PCVBHC and Healthy Food Environments:

  • Strategic Advisory Services: we focus on the development and implementation of strategic plans.
  • Education Services: we focus on the co-creation of bespoke education programmes.
  • Research services: we focus on the execution of commissioned research, on topics of interest to specific organisations.
  • Partnership development: we act as an independent facilitator, to support a move away from volume-based transaction between life science companies and health care systems to long-term partnerships, focused on value.

We have a fantastic team and a terrific range of partners working with us in each of the above areas.  We would be delighted to hear from you if any of these areas are of interest – more details can be found on our website ( and please do reach out to me directly:

Thomas Kelley

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