Making Value-Based Health and Care concepts accessible through e-learning

Learn more about the Strategic Partnership between the Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) Academy at Swansea University and Sprink and how they collaborated to create a new, concise, easy-to-understand e-learning series called ‘An Introduction to Value-Based Health and Care.’

Sprink and the VBHC Academy’s Strategic Partnership 

Since 2021, one of the focus areas of the Strategic Partnership between the Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) Academy and Sprink has been the production of a series of e-learning modules to introduce the key concepts related to VBHC and to showcase real-world implementation examples. These modules aim to significantly expand the number of people with a foundational understanding of VBHC, providing essential support to health systems as they scale the implementation of VBHC.  

The VBHC Academy at Swansea University is dedicated to supporting the successful adoption of VBHC across organisations, from health systems and social care to the third sector and industry. The VBHC Academy is the first of its kind globally and brings a robust, multidisciplinary approach to supporting organisational VBHC adoption and growth. As part of its core services, the VBHC Academy offers a variety of world-leading educational programmes designed to meet the needs of a broad audience, from people that are new to the concept of VBHC to those that are advanced practitioners.

Our approach at Sprink

Education is one of Sprink’s core focus areas. This is because education at scale is essential for the successful adoption of Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) worldwide. We work with health care systems, governments, life science companies, universities and patient advocacy groups to co-develop and co-deliver dedicated education programmes and to support the development of PCVBHC institutes.  

At Sprink, our educational content development follows a structured approach based on design-thinking principles. The first step involves understanding the audience’s needs and challenges through user research workshops. Once the audience is defined, the second step is to establish the learning objectives, outcomes, training duration and depth, and delivery styles. Next, we use ideation workshops to design the course content and develop the learning materials with the input of experts in the field. Once a course is published, we capture feedback on an ongoing basis and make improvements iteratively to ensure the learning meets our users’ needs.

For the e-learning series ‘An Introduction to VBHC,’ we worked closely with Professor Hamish Laing, Director of the VBHC Academy, to co-develop the curriculum and deliver the content, making it as accessible as possible. Together we engaged with subject matter experts from NHS and Social Care Wales, such as Professor Sally LewisAlan Brace OBENavjot KalraMark Bowling and Jess Matthews. As part of this process, we took a step back from the theory and our collective knowledge to boil down the essentials, so learners could quickly grasp, through a series of short talks, how VBHC can help them and the patients they serve.

Try the Introduction to Value-Based Health and Care Course

The course introduces the main concepts of VBHC for anyone involved in providing health and social care, developing health care policy or working in the life science industries. 

The course comprises three 40-minute modules designed to be taken in sequential order. It includes videos, reflection questions and quizzes to keep learners engaged and help them remember and use the information presented. The modules are also designed to be flexible, allowing learners to complete them at their own pace and in their own time. Swansea University provides certificates of completion for learners’ personal development portfolios. 

Enrol on the course for free by following this link.

Contact us   

If you would like to explore how you can partner with Sprink to develop and deliver PCVBHC education programmes within your organisation, please get in touch with Dr Thomas Kelley, CEO of Sprink:

To learn more about the VBHC Academy, please visit

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