Feedback and next steps for the PCVBHC education programme

We have recently completed the first cycle of the Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (PCVBHC) training programme with 24 people from organisations partnering with the Global Centre for PCVBHC.   

Participants have given positive feedback and said they appreciated the opportunity to interact with peers who want to put people at the centre of health care and learn from their hands-on experience. Learners also valued exploring the programme’s case studies which help bring concepts to life and spend time to reflect on and apply their learnings to their organisation’s challenges and priorities.  

We have just started the second cycle of the PCVBHC training programme, which will run until May 2023, with 20 more participants enrolled including individuals from organisations who are members of our Global Centre for PCVBHC and independent external learners. They will continue learning about PCVBHC’s key principles and approaches and develop action plans to help their organisations tackle some of the most significant health and care delivery challenges.

The PCVBHC Training Programme provides a safe space to develop and exchange ideas, share knowledge, and problem-solve with colleagues and peers. We are now expanding and enhancing the educational content by including more tailored modules and activities for participants from health care systems, policy, and life science sectors. We are also increasing individual faculty support, which will be available from the third PCVBHC training programme cycle starting in September 2023. 

Implementing PCVBHC is a gradual process and will not happen overnight, however, we hope that the knowledge and skills gained through this training programme will support individuals and organisations in bringing together Value-Based Health Care, Person-Centred Health Care, and Health Equity. 

For more information about the training programme’s learning objectives, curriculum, faculty and to register, please visit:

For any questions, please contact Dr Andrea Srur, Associate Director, Global Centre for Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care (

About the Global Centre for PCVBHC  

Our vision is that people are able to enjoy the outcomes that matter to them at that particular point in their lives. Health care systems discuss personal preferences, understand personal goals and link these to the data we capture, while simultaneously ensuring equity and the greatest quantum of health gain for the whole population. Health care systems are able to compare these metrics and the resources consumed within and between countries, to drive learning and value improvement. The Global Centre for PCVBHC has three areas of focus: research, education and implementation of PCVBHC. For more information please visit:   

Andrea Srur

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