Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care Community

  • An international Community of health system leaders (called the PCVBHC Community) is working through a structured, 6-step methodology, to figure out how to bring together the fields of Person-Centred Health Care and Value-Based Health Care, while ensuring population equity.
  • The PCVBHC Community is managed by a small Project Team consisting of two Co-Chairs, a Research Fellow, the Research Fellow Supervisor and a Project Lead.
  • The PCVBHC Community takes all final decisions in relation to the Project via super-majority voting (defined as greater than or equal to 75% of the votes).
  • A separate Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) provides input into the PCVBHC Community. The IAP has no decision-making authority.
  • The IAP has two Co-Chairs who are not aligned to any one particular company, with experience in the leadership of industry associations and a regulatory agency. The IAP is supported by a dedicated IAP Project Manager.
  • The Project aims to produce a Policy Report and a published editorial, both aimed at senior health system leaders. We aim to launch the Policy Report at an international scientific meeting in Autumn 2021.

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