Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care Online Training Programme

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About this training programme

The pandemic has exacerbated problems our health care systems have faced for decades: rising costs, rising demand, staff burnout, and significant variation in quality and patient experience. As individuals, as leaders and as members of organisations working in health care, how do we respond to these challenges so that we ensure our health care systems deliver high quality, sustainable health care into the future? We believe part of the answer relies on bringing together three well established concepts that frequently work in parallel rather than working together. These are: Value-Based Health Care (VBHC), Person-Centred Health Care (PeCHC) and Healthy Equity. We have termed this concept Person-Centred Value-Based Health Care.

To support your role in responding to the health care challenges and to achieve a successful and systematic implementation of PCVBHC across health care systems, the Global Centre for PCVBHC, managed by Sprink, invites you to participate in the PCVBHC online training programme.

This dynamic, innovative and ambitious training programme is delivered virtually, running over a three-month period. It brings together a world leading faculty combining pre-recorded lectures, live case study discussions, and group work.

We know that tacking these challenges and implementing PCVBHC will not happen overnight, but we hope that the knowledge and skills gained through this training programme will support individuals and organisations with the gradual process of bringing together VBHC, PeCHC and Health Equity.


  • 2 hours weekly for 3 months.
  • As part of the course, learners will be invited to develop their own PCVBHC projects for their organisation, for which they will receive guided support from faculty members.

PCVBHC Training Programme objectives

  • Introduce the concept of PCVBHC and how it can be applied in practice.
  • Introduce the key principles and approaches that underpin PCVBHC.
  • Develop the key skills that enable the implementation of PCVBHC.
  • Create a community of PCVBHC implementers over time.

Training Curriculum & Structure

Week 1
Introduction to Person-Centred Value Based Health Care (PCVBHC).

  • Pre-recorded video and pre-reading material

Week 2
1. Health literacy. 2. Goal and preference setting.

Week 3
Case study discussion and/or guest speaker: Goal setting and outcomes measurement.

Week 4
PCVBHC implementation plan tasks.

Week 5
1. Shared Decision Making (SDM) 2. Brining PCVBHC components. together to support decision making.

Week 6
1. Person-centred pathway design. 2. Quality improvement tools to support PCVBHC

Week 7
Case study discussion and/or guest speaker: SDM.

Week 8
PCVBHC implementation plan tasks.

Week 9
1. Using data to support PCVBHC implementation. 2. Outcomes and costs.

Week 10
1. Culture change to adopt PCVBHC. 2. Building PCVBHC partnerships.

Week 11
Case study discussion and/or guest speaker: Using data to support PCVBHC.

Week 12
PCVBHC implementation plan tasks.

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Registration fees – proof of status

If you are wanting to apply for a concession, please submit one of the following to Andrea Srur (

a. Proof of employment at a charity or NGO

b. Proof of student status

c. Proof as patient representatives/advocates.

*Once the proof of status is received, you will be sent a discount code when registering for the PCVBHC Training Programme.